15 reasons Downtown Atchison is the perfect Christmas shopping destination

15 reasons Downtown Atchison is the perfect Christmas shopping destination

You've heard the history of Atchison's homegrown celebrity, Amelia Earhart. You've been captivated by the tales of Haunted Atchison. Discover the inside secrets that make Downtown Atchison the perfect Christmas shopping destination.

1. Because you can look over your shopping list at an old fashioned soda fountain.
Why not have a root beer float while you’re at it?


2. Because there are 60 mini-shops in one location.
You can bet there’s something here for everyone.


3. Because you can buy those Christmas shoes for your Mama.
And it happens to be one of the last family-owned shoe stores in Kansas.

4. Because NFM can be a madhouse around the holidays.
Shop in heavenly peace and get better deals at the same time.

5. Because these locally made organic spices can make your holiday cooking extraordinary.
This shop is full of whimsical treasures and unique finds, from make your-own-jewelry to spun silk yarn. 

6. Because even Santa’s elves are impressed.
You’ll find amazing deals on dress-up clothes, pup tents, Melissa and Doug, and even a 4-foot tall giraffe!

7. Because there has to be some magic in these old silk hats.
These Frosty the Snowman hats will have you dreaming of a white Christmas.

8. Because it’s like Nell Hills never left.
Inspiring room settings and unique home decor still fills Nell Hills' former location.

9. Because $20 can go a long, long way.
Fill a couple bags with gently used clothing and toys for your local homeless shelter. It might be the most valuable gift you give this year.

10. Because the Scrooge lives here — at Rudolph’s of all places.
Get toys for big boys and visit Atchison’s own self-proclaimed Scrooge.

11. Because the season is the reason we can buy tiny sweater dresses.
Warning - these adorable baby outfits will give you baby fever.

12. Because you probably have a trendy gal on your Christmas list.
Tacyns’ is brimming with popular Boho-chic styles.

13. Because your Christmas cookies belong in a vintage cookie jar.
12,000 square feet of vintage and repurposed home decor guarantees you’ll find a one-of-a-kind — every time.

14. Because apple pie and cinnamon rolls are what Christmas tastes like.
Grab a coffee and treat for your adventure into Backroad Atlas.

15. Because you can let the kids craft while you shop.
They’ll love watching you open their handmade gift on Christmas morning.

Bonus! 16. Because kids are going nuts for Thinking Putty.
Get this hot item for their stockings at the nostalgic corner book store, Wall of Books.

17. (Bonus!) Because some of us think it’s never too cold for ice cream.
But the rest of you can warm up with a specialty coffee and a slice of pie.

Ready to plan your visit? 

Visit the Christmas in Atchison page to discover holiday events, store hours, and restaurant guides. 

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