Atchison Rental Resources

Whether you are new to the area or just looking for a new place to live, here are some helpful resources to find rental housing in Atchison. 

Renting in Atchison

Atchison has many rental options available, including single family homes, apartments, downtown lofts and shared housing. Approxiamately 32% of the housing in Atchison is rental housing. There are usually a good deal of rentals available in a range of price points. The average rent asked in the area is 33% lower than the national average. Many landlords rent to Benedictine College students, and therefore have larger 3 and 4 bedroom houses available.


Atchison has many neighborhoods with rental housing that are close to schools .  Encouraging kids to walk to school can be a great way to increase activity, which is one of the reasons the Atchison planning commission is interested in preserving the walkability of the city. The downtown area is accessible for easy walking or biking as well, which saves on gas money for those working in downtown locations. There are beautiful lofts available for rent in the downtown area as well - these go quickly, so watch for them to come available!

Making it a home

Renting is often the first step for new couples or young people. Starting out is fun, but keeping in affordable is usually a concern. Along with housing in Atchison being affordable, there are many resources for home furnishings that can help you turn your apartment or rental house into a home. Backroad Atlas has 12,000 sq. foot of repurposed home decor and furniture that appeals to the Pinterest-loving generation. Located on the downtown mall, Favorite Things has expanded their home decor offerings, also featuring the repurposed, vintage style. Sacred Heart Variety Store  also offers used furnishings for your new home.



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