Eclipse Aire Fest

The stars will always shine, and the sun will always rise.  Generations will be born and will die and still the world and Universe will endure. But sprinkle uncertainty into this grand mix—as might occur when something as profound as a total solar eclipse occurs—and you have a pretty unsettling situation. Experience a world without the sun for 2 min 19 sec and be inspired by the cosmos at the Eclipse Aire Fest at the Amelia Earhart Airport.

Why the Eclipse Aire Fest?

The Eclipse Aire Fest at the Amelia Earhart Airport in Atchison, KS is themed after the 1929 Command Aire biplane which will be offering rides throughout the day. You can even win a ride in the Command Aire during the moment of total solar eclipse. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

You can choose to WATCH the eclipse from many places. However your experience of a lifetime at the Ameila Earhart Airport can include:

PLEASE register ahead of time for your event access pass - we are expecting a ton of people! An event access pass is only $10 per standard vehicle and covers everyone you bring. Proceeds go to support the Post 99 Aviation Explorers.


You'll want to be on the centerline to view the 360° sunset.  

During totality, take just a few seconds to tear your eyes away from the sky and scan the horizon. You’ll see sunset colors all around you because, in effect, those locations are where sunset (or sunrise) are happening.

In the past 100 years, total solar eclipses have just clipped the continental United States. Total solar eclipses have rarely ever touched the Central United States—the last time a total solar eclipse passed through the heart of the Midwest was 1806. This is literally the event of the century!

The beginning of the eclipse should begin at 11:40 am, it will reach totality (total coverage) at 1:06pm.  We will have about 2 minutes and 19 seconds of total darkness.

Things to know....

  • The #1 question people are wondering - where there be a restroom?
    No worries! Portapotties are provided!
  • Don't forget your eclise glasses. Although glasses will be for sale at the event, we can't guarantee they won't sell out.
  • Don't forget to register for an access pass! Parking is limited and you will need a vechile pass to make sure we have enough parking.  The access pass gets everyone in your vehicle into the event for only $10 for a standard vehicle! Get your event access pass
  • Bring a chair-In all likelihood, you’ll be at your viewing site several hours before the eclipse starts.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen- Remember, you’ll be standing around or sitting outside for hours. You may want to bring an umbrella for some welcome shade. And if you see someone who has forgotten sunscreen, please be a peach and share.
  • No cooler needed- While you might want to lug around a cooler during the day, that won’t be necessary.  All our proceeds from food and beverage sales go towards local business and our Explorers program to promote youth aviation education.  So please, come eat and drink with us.
  • Antique & classic cars  - A special parking section is available for antique and classic cars. Be sure to register your car.


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