Traffic Flow & Parking Guide

Amelia Earhart Festival  Saturday July 16th, 2016



Shuttles to and from the event (handicap accessible) are available at the Atchison  Elementary School (825 N 17th Street) from 5 PM to 11 PM Saturday.


  • Shuttles for anyone (handicap accessible) are available starting 5 PM Saturday at the Atchison Elementary School (see map).  Shuttles drop off and pickup near 2nd and Commercial Street.  Shuttles stop running at 11 PM Saturday.
  • Motorcycle Parking is available 400 Block of Kansas Avenue starting 10 AM Saturday morning.
  • Street Closings: Notes only. See map on page 1 for complete closings. Streets re-open only after crowd is clear upon completion of events.
    • Main Street from 4th to 5th closes the pervious Saturday, July 9th, for carnival preparations.
    • River Road from Atchison Street to Commercial Street closes 6 AM Saturday.
    • Commercial from River Road to 4th Street closes at 6 AM Saturday (UMB Bank and Ironhorse Restaurant still open).
    • 4th Street from Main St. south to Park St. closes 4 PM Saturday. Traffic may still proceed north from Park for right turn onto MOKAN.
    • South boat dock closes at 4 PM Saturday. North boat dock will remain open but accessed only through Doniphan County.
    • Eastbound on Atchison Street from 2nd (down the hill to River Road) closes 4 PM Saturday.

shuttle map

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